Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish

Classroom Culture

Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish has school-wide structures. These structures are not meant to be an exhaustive list found at a school, but rather represent key elements that support the implementation of the Athlos model and cross over all three Athlos pillars.

Student-Led Conferences

Student-led conferences (SLCs) allow students an opportunity to take ownership of their growth and development, in relation to meeting school expectations. SLCs typically happen twice a year, at the end of the first and third quarters, and require parents to sit and listen to students’ explanation of their academic, Performance Character, and athletic status. All parents/guardians are expected to attend the SLCs and the coordinating teacher does everything possible to ensure that the 15-20 minute meeting happens with success

Student Portfolio System

The Athlos student portfolio system offers students a formal way to showcase their work. Portfolios have sections for each Athlos pillar (Prepared Mind, Healthy Body, and Performance Character) and display evidence of students meeting standards. The portfolios also offer an opportunity to highlight growth and development. Portfolios will be used during the SLCs and also during the formal Performance Character portfolio presentation.

Standards-Based Grading

Using content standards to frame evaluation is at the heart of standards-based grading. Classroom behavior, effort, punctuality, and other school elements often included in “grades” are represented in an alternative method to clearly delineate the standards being met. Standards-based grading facilitates transparency and the growth mindset, as students are able to easily see and understand how to improve.

Behavioral Support System

Establishing a safe, caring environment, with a focus on learning frames the Athlos behavioral support system. The school staff consistently follows behavior protocols to ensure common understanding. Recognizing the importance of teacher presence, norms, routines, and communication, classroom management is seen holistically and results in a respectful, engaging learning environment. Athlos schools utilize restorative practices when dealing with misbehavior.

Professional Learning Community

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are designed to give small groups of teachers the opportunity to work on common tasks related to improving their practice. Individuals within PLCs take on different roles, helping to facilitate and document learning. PLCs consistently meet and follow an agreed upon agenda, leading to a great way for groups of teachers to grow and develop.

School Portfolio System

Considering the Athlos Pillar Implementation System, designated school individuals will share evidence documenting development. Evidence will align with Athlos strategies and could be in the form of pictures, videos, surveys, lessons, agendas, and more. Schools will share this evidence throughout the school year. Athlos will build their portfolio and share a finished product in the summer.


Displaying professionalism as a teacher is a high priority in Athlos schools. Professionalism looks like teachers that have effective lessons prepared, follow school norms and routines, engage fully in professional development, find ways to support colleagues, contribute to school improvement, and demonstrate a growth mindset. Being a professional recognizes that you are always a model and others follow your lead, both on school ground and beyond.