Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish


Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish.

Q: What is a charter school?

A: A charter school is a tuition-free public school granted greater flexibility in its operations in return for greater accountability for performance. The “charter” establishing each school is a performance contract detailing the school’s mission, program, students served, performance goals, and methods of assessment. Charter schools are held accountable for assessment and achievement standards by their authorizer and the State Department of Education.

Q. Who can attend Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish?

A. Any student entering grades K-6 in the 2018-2019 school year who lives in Jefferson Parish or the surrounding areas is eligible to attend our school. Transportation will be provided to students in Jefferson Parish residing greater than one mile from the school. Students living outside of Jefferson Parish are eligible to attend our school but will need to make accommodations for transportation.

Q: What is the enrollment process?

A: Charter schools have an open enrollment period where families can complete an application. If there are more applicants than available openings, the school will hold a lottery. Once complete, they will let students know if they have secured a seat for that school year, or where they are on the waitlist.

Q: What are the school hours?

A: The decision is not yet finalized. We will have a traditional school year calendar, and we will match our fall, winter, and spring breaks to the local school district to help accommodate families who may have children in both schools. School days will be at least 7 hours long to allow for multiple free-play periods and meet state requirements for instructional time. The school’s governing board will approve an official calendar sometime in the spring, and it will be made available on our website.

Q: Will you provide breakfast and lunch?

A: Yes. Meals that meet federal nutritional guidelines are provided for both breakfast and lunch. Times and prices will be made available in the spring. All families may complete the application for free and reduced lunch at back to school night.

Q: What if my child is not an athlete?

A: Our age-appropriate athletic curriculum focuses on developing skills and abilities and teaching proper movement that will help all students increase their athleticism. The skills and abilities they develop at Athlos will stay with them long after they leave an Athlos campus! Our goal is that through our athletic curriculum each student becomes an active, fit, and efficient mover.

Q: Does the school offer extracurricular activities? If so, what ones?

A: The school is primarily an academic institution. Meeting the needs of teaching and learning at the school always comes first. The school’s principal may choose to host extracurricular activities based on students' interest and available resources. An athletic program based on the Athlos curriculum will likely be one of the first extracurriculars added.

Q: Do you have special education services?

A: Yes. Athlos Academy will employ a special education staff to ensure that students with Individualized Educator Plans (IEPs) receive the services necessary for their success. Accommodations and modifications are made to curriculum as necessary. Athlos Academy is an inclusionary model. Most students with IEPs attend regular education classes with support.

Q: How much homework will our children receive?

A: We will have a clear and detailed homework guideline. Once it is approved by the board, it can be found in our family handbook and posted online.

Q: My student struggles with body image issues/is overweight/isn’t really “sporty.” Will they fit in at Athlos?

A: The purpose of the Healthy Body pillar is to create a lifelong love of being physically active, help students value their personal health, and support them in thinking about their nutritional choices. We believe that through the strength of the Athlos program, our students will develop initiative to live active, fit, and healthy lives. This program is for all our children; those who are secure in their own bodies and are sports oriented, and those who struggle with physical activity and wellness.

Q: How do we order uniforms and what if we need to make returns?

A: Uniforms can be purchased through our online store. To make a purchase or get details on making returns please go to the uniform website. Please also consult the uniform section when it is available for further information.

Q: Will there be chances to try on uniforms to see what sizes we need and what styles we prefer?

A: Yes, we will move into a temporary office space until our building is open. As soon as that happens, we will have regular open office hours where you may come in and try on uniforms.

Q. Will Athlos provide transportation to and from school?

A. Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish will provide transportation to students in Jefferson Parish who live greater than one mile from the school. Our school is open to students in Jefferson Parish and the surrounding areas. Families with students living outside of Jefferson Parish will be responsible for their own transportation to and from school.