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Student Safety

Visiting the School

Athlos Academy welcomes visits by parents/guardian(s) and community members provided the visits are non-disruptive and/or by invitation from a teacher for a class.
All visitors are required, by state law, to check in at the front office, and must wear a visitor badge while on campus. If you are bringing a lunch or materials during the day for your child, please bring them to the office to avoid disruption of instruction in the classroom. 
Visitors and their possessions are subject to a random search with a metal detector and are subject to search when there is reasonable suspicion that such person has any weapons, illegal substances, stolen goods, or other objects the possession of which is a violation of school policy.

Drop Off and Arrival - Driveline

Driveline is an app that helps to keep students safe at dismissal. It allows for students to be released from class at the end of the day in a very organized manner. Here's how it works:
  • Students will gather their materials at the end of the day and return to their seats.
  • Teachers will display the Driveline screen on the board.
  • As cars pull in the pick up line, a number will be entered into the app. (If you want to volunteer to assist with this process, please contact the front office).
  • Once a number has been entered into the app, the associated student (or students) name will pop up in the classroom. This is the teacher's cue to release that student from class.
  • Teachers will be stationed around the school to assist students in safely loading cars.

Drop Off Procedures

Students are to arrive no earlier than 8 am. If your student will be eating breakfast at school, please note that service will begin at 7:15 am and students are to remain in the cafeteria until the main doors open at 8 am. Students are not to be on the playground before school.

Students must be dropped off only in the designated loading zone. Follow the entrance and exit route on the map. Be sure to pull all the way up to the car in front of you as this will help move traffic along and keep waiting cars off the main road. An attendant will be on site each morning to assist students with crossing the loading zone. They will also help direct traffic.

Our number one concern is student safety. Please be patient and kind.


Dismissal Procedures

Students are to be picked up by 4:30 pm. Students not picked up by 4:30 pm are subject to a $20/hour fee. Students may only remain in the building longer if they are participating in a supervised activity approved by administration. Please do not check your child out of school “early” after 3:15 pm. The office staff’s primary duty at this time of day is preparing for a safe dismissal.


Student's Role

Your teacher will indicate when it is time to clean up and gather your things. Once you have packed up your backpack and put on your jacket, you can sit down to wait. When your ride arrives, your name will pop up on the big screen in your classroom. This is your cue to head out to the loading zone. Don’t dawdle! Your ride is driving around the building, and your job is to get to the loading zone at the same time they do. If you need to cross the loading zone, be sure to wait for the crossing guard.


Parent's Role

Each family has been assigned a Driveline number. You will be issued a tag to hang from the rear-view mirror of your car. Be sure to follow the driving route outlined on the map. When you enter the driveway, an attendant will type your family number into a system. This will trigger your child’s release from class. By the time you drive around the building, your child will meet you at the Loading zone. Please pull all the way up to the car in front of you. This will help keep the loading line moving along.

Please be patient and recognize that it will take a little time for everyone to become accustomed to the process. We will get faster. Loading time will improve over the first few weeks.


Drop Off and Arrival - Busing

Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish aims to ensure each child makes it to and from school safely. AAJP contracts with Durham School Services to transport your students. Pick‐up and drop‐off locations will be determined by Durham in accordance with student addresses.

Bus Request Form: Please complete this form if your child is a new student who will become an active bus rider in the 2018-2019 school year or if you need to update information.

Student Consent Form: Please complete this form and return it to the front desk if you have a student under the age of nine that will be received at the bus stop by a designee other than a parent/guardian. 

 Standard busing procedures

  • Students may be released only at the school and designated stops.
  • Students should only be released to an authorized person when directed to do so by the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). (Some students will not require an authorized person to receive them at their stops.)
  • When no one is available to receive the student, the driver will:
    • Radio Durham School Services to contact the parent
    • Deliver other students then return to the stop, if possible
    • Return to the school and inform school personnel of the situation
  • It is not the responsibility of the bus attendant or driver to escort the student beyond the drop‐off location, unless directed to do so by the student’s IEP.
  • Students should not be carried up or down the bus steps during loading and unloading. If a student cannot navigate the bus steps without a reasonable degree of assistance, an alternate loading and unloading plan will be established by school personnel.
  • If a student doesn’t know whether they are being picked up by a parent/guardian or taking the bus on any given day, the school will default to directing the student to take the bus.

Permanent Change of Address

Did you move? Will your student be going to afterschool care at another location? Please fill out the Bus Request Form at at least one week prior to the change.

If you are unable to give advanced notice, please plan an alternative way to get your child to and from school for three days until the school is able to process your request.

On-Time Circumstances

If you need to pick your student up one day instead of having them ride the bus, please inform the school’s front office by 1:00 p.m. that day and pick your student up using the Driveline procedures. 

If this is the first time you are picking up your student, you will need to stop by the front office as your student will not be released until you receive a Driveline tag. The front office will then direct you to the pickup route. The Driveline tag is yours for the rest of the year and must be used every time you pick your student up.