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    September 20, 2019

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Mrs. Janice Blunt


About Mrs. Blunt

Janice Blunt graduated from Southern University in New Orleans, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary education. She has been a classroom teacher for twenty-seven years. Mrs. Blunt has had the pleasure of teaching in public and private schools from grades first through eighth. “Teaching for me is a joy from the heart and soul,” she stated.
Mrs. Blunt is married to a wonderful human being and has three children and two grandchildren who keep her young at heart. She says that her best traits as a teacher are her patience with her students and her efforts to continually find ways to help them succeed through school and life skills.

Favorite Performance Character Trait: Optimism

The Performance Character trait that resonates with Mrs. Blunt is optimism. She says that she considers herself a very optimistic person. She believes that every child is teachable, reachable, and well worth the effort. “The effort that we invest today improves tomorrow,” Mrs. Blunt said. “Our students are our future, so put forth the best effort every day.”

Fun Facts about Mrs. Blunt

• Mrs. Blunt loves to travel! She said that could be why she married a Merchant Marine.
• She enjoys cooking West African and Jamaican dishes and, last but not least, soul food.
• She likes working with plants and gardening.
• She loves her pets. Mrs. Blunt has two cockatiels, a tiny poodle named Bella, and three aquariums (including one marine aquarium!)
• She loves watching basketball ( she’s a Lakers fan), bowling, and crabbing with her husband and son.
• Reading is a way that she relaxes.

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