Valeta Moore

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    June 29, 2020

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    April 8, 2021

Ms. Valeta Moore

- English Language Arts
- Homeroom

About Ms. Moore

I am a seasoned and motivated teacher specializing in Early Childhood Education. I have a track record of successfully teaching children of all ages for over two decades. My philosophy is based on the belief that education is a vital tool that can teach children the fundamental skills necessary to live successful lives as confident and informed adults. I believe that teaching is a highly rewarding profession that allows me to change the lives of students and to effectively provide them with skills and attitudes necessary to build their character and achieve success. It is my mission to instill a love of life-long learning and to ensure that my students can thrive in today’s world.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Maryland and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Capella University. My hope is to leave students with appositive impression of education, and when they are done, to feel they have had a teacher who always had their best interest in mind and to always have a desire to learn. As Yeats said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but a lighting of a fire.” The opportunity to ignite a spark in students’ learning is what fuels my passion for teaching.

As a first-year teacher at Athlos Academy, I have learned the true meaning of teamwork. Athlos Academy has truly highlighted my performance character traits. The administration and administrative assistants operate with putting students, family, faculty and staff first. I enjoy being a part of Team Athlos and I look forward to continuing my journey here.

Favorite Performance Character Trait

Coming soon.

Fun Facts about Ms. Moore

  • I am a mother of three and a grandmother of eight.
  • I enjoy baking and decorating cakes, cookies, and special treats and giving them away.
  • In my spare time, I enjoy bowling and fishing with my husband, Albert, of twenty-seven years.
  • I am a huge Peanuts and Harry Potter fan.
  • I am currently working on two books and hope to be published at the end of the year.

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