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At Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish, we understand that each family must make the schooling decision that is right for their family. As we considered our back-to-learning plans, we wanted to offer as many safe, consistent, and convenient quality learning options for families. That’s why we are offering two unique learning avenues for families to choose from: On-Campus and Distance Learning through Athlos Virtual Academy. We’re here to help families make the best possible decisions this school year for their individual needs.

Athlos Academy is a K-8, tuition-free, public charter school in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. We are offering on-campus learning to anyone in the areas surrounding Jefferson Parish, and distance learning opportunities to any student living in the state of Louisiana. Here’s a look at our programs.

5-Day On-Campus Learning: Return to School Safely

Is distance learning not right for your children? Is the thought of managing A day and B day schedules, shortened school days, or hybrid learning causing stress?

Athlos is offering full-time, five-day-school-weeks to support student learning and help families manage their already hectic schedules. We’ve taken every precaution to assure our school fosters a safe and engaging on-campus experience by working with local and national health departments and developing and implementing robust school opening procedures and plans.

We’ve put together a family-friendly version of our start-of-school plans. Here, you can find information specific to on-campus learning.

View the Reopening Plan

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Big Four. Stay two arm’s length from others. Wear a mask. Stay home if sick. Wash hands often.

We’ve also put together resources for families to help their children with the transition to on-campus learning. One example is our resource 7 Tips to Help Students Start School During COVID-19.

A highlight from this resource is teaching kids the big 4: stay two arm’s length from others, wear a face covering, stay home if sick, and wash hands often.

We’ve also trying our best to help families by sharing Tips on Helping Children Wear Face Coverings. Some tips are:

Explain why it’s important.

Try to use simple and easy-to-understand language that is both positive and realistic. For example, you can say “Lots of people are sick right now and wearing a face covering will help protect you and others around us from germs.”

Encourage playtime that involves face coverings.

For younger children, sometimes it’s the fun and excitement of wearing a face covering that helps them adapt. Playing pretend doctor, nurse, veterinarian, or their own creation of dress-up are great ways normalize the practice.

Get creative with your face coverings.

Children are far more likely to wear something they think is cool, colorful, and fun! A quick Google search will pull up many homemade face covering patterns; here are a few fun ideas making creative face coverings:

  • Let children pick out the pattern and colors they want the face covering to come in.
  • Let them laugh by finding patterns with fun expressions (school appropriate of course).
  • Decorate face coverings by sewing on cartoon cutouts, gluing on sequins, tie-dying them, and more.

Athlos Virtual Academy

Is returning to campus just not right for your family right now? At Athlos, we worked over the summer to create Athlos Virtual Academy, a complete distance learning option for students.

This program includes live Zoom classes, pre-recorded lessons, and opportunities to engage with peers through Athlos programs like our Athletic Movement Classes and Classroom Huddles – all from the safety of home! Athlos Virtual Academy is adapted from Athlos’s on-campus, innovative education model.

Our distance learning program not only offers a high-quality, easy to follow curriculum and learning environment, but also gives student the interaction with their peers that they need. We also have accommodations for students who need extra support or an extra challenge. Our virtual students have access to everything a student learning on campus would, including technology and breakfast and lunch!

What’s best, is we know parents want consistency and normalcy this school year. Our Athlos Virtual Academy students have the option to participate in our program from a distance all school year! They also will have the option, if current COVID-19 conditions remain the same, to return to campus at the change of the semester. That means you can keep learning from home until summer, if you so choose.

Our comprehensive distance learning program is also now an opportunity to any K-8 student living in the state of Louisiana. That’s right, anyone in the state of Louisiana can apply.

We worked hard this summer to make sure our program offered in the spring was even better than before! Here’s what families had to say about distance learning with Athlos.


“I love that my daughter can do her schoolwork at our convenience… I love that her teacher had reached out and does Zoom calls three times a week.
It gives us some normalcy.”

–Athlos Parent


“Zoom class meetings and the teachers recording lessons/story time. I also have been SO impressed with a couple of our teachers who have gone above and beyond dropping things off for the kids and planning special events.
It has really helped!”

–Athlos Parent


“The teachers are very interactive and make learning easy for students and parents.”

–Athlos Parent


“Love the amazing effort the teachers are putting into creating creative content for the kids to continue to learn despite not being in the building. We also love the Zoom class sessions with their teachers. They still get to see their classmates and have the teaching time with their teachers.”

–Athlos Parent

Find more detailed information about our distance learning program in our Reopening Plan.

We’re ready to support you as we navigate this new digital learning landscape together!

We’re here to help you make the transition back to school the best possible experience for your children!

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