Flag Football - Fall 2021

Student-Athletes will compete in a multi week season of competitive non-contact flag football. The goal of the program will be to develop fundamental skills of throwing, catching, route running and defensive technique. Athletes will be provided with top quality coaching by the AAJP coaching staff. The season will conclude with a playoff tournament to determine a team champion.

  • Registration Fee: TBD
  • Equipment Needs: Cleats, mouth guards, and black athletic shorts or pants required.

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Triton co-ed sports of 2021.

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Sports FAQ

Intramural sports are open to students in 5th–8th grade.

At the moment we will only have an intramural program offered. Teams will be equally divided based on skills and a round-robin tournament will be held during the season.  

Parents are a crucial part of the success of the AAJP Athletics Program. Your support will allow for the program to grow. If a parent or guardian is interested in watching practicewe ask that the parents stay on the concrete section of the pick-up line and watch. If practice is being held indoors, practice will be closed to parents due to Covid-19 restrictions.  

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out directly to Coach Rowe at prowe@athlosjp.org. Responses will be made within 24 hours to the best of our ability.