Athlos At-a-Glance

Fast Facts

School Type

Type 2 Charter School


Jefferson Parish, LA







Executive Director

Mrs. Cheryl Martin

Our Mission

The mission of Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish is to provide high quality educational opportunities for the whole child built on the three foundational pillars of Prepared Mind, Healthy Body, and Performance Character.

Our Vision

The Vision of Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish is to produce students who are well-prepared to face life’s challenges and who have developed critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as a broad knowledge base and healthy lifestyle habits. The school’s culture celebrates high academic achievement, fosters individual growth in athleticism and Performance Character, and promotes regular family engagement.

Athlos Pillars of Performance

The Athlos Edge

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Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish accommodates students who are "ready to learn, ready to move."

Athlos schools aren’t built like typical schools. They are designed and constructed with our Prepared Mind, Healthy Body, and Performance Character pillars in mind. From the high quality materials to the color palette that gives it a safe and inclusive feel, each space is purposefully designed.

School Features

  • 90,000 square feet
  • State-of-the-art classrooms
  • Technology labs
  • Art room
  • Music room
  • Kitchen and cafeteria
  • Stage
  • Hardwood gym floor
  • 30 yards of indoor turf
  • Weight room
  • Sporting fields
  • Playground equipment and outdoor recess area

Frequently Asked Questions

Charter schools are tuition-free, public schools that focus on an innovative teaching method or program of instruction. Charter schools are granted greater flexibility than traditional schools, in exchange for higher accountability.

Charter schools are schools of choice, meaning families choose the charter school for their child rather than attending a traditional public school based on location. While traditional public schools must adhere to specified regulations, charter schools can operate with less restriction from these regulations. Charter schools are accountable to achievement goals set in their charter and can be closed if they do not meet these measures.

Athlos is a school for all students. Strong academics are the foundation of a strong school, and at Athlos we believe higher student achievement is realized by bringing physical activity and Performance Character education to the forefront of our educational programs. We’ve redefined athletics as active, fit, and efficient movement. The Athlos athletic curriculum emphasizes teaching proper movement, has a strong foundation in current research, and is designed to prescribe age-appropriate movement activities to help students of all athletic abilities.

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Mission Statement

Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish is operated and managed by Athlos Academies.