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Family Handbook

We ask that all families review the handbook prior to the start of school each year.

Family Handbook
Uniform Policy

For more information about uniforms, visit the uniform page.

Uniform Dress Policy
Discipline Policy
Discipline Policy
Enrollment & Lottery Policy

Visit the enrollment process page to learn more.

Enrollment & Lottery
Attendance Policy

To learn more about attendance, visit the bell schedule and attendance page.

Attendance Policy
Educating Homeless Students Policy
Homeless Policy

Policies & Documents

Family Handbook

Each family must review the Family Handbook prior to the start of school.

Online Acknowledgment Form

All parents/guardians must sign the Parent/Guardian Acknowledgment Form. It may be filled out online or on paper (see page 40 of the Family Handbook).

Volunteer Form

All families are requested to fulfill 30 hours of volunteer service to the school each year. All volunteers (including parents/guardians, grandparents, relatives, or family friends) who work with students are required to complete the form prior to serving as a volunteer. The form may be filled out online or on paper (see page 41 of the Family Handbook).

Personal Vehicle Transportation Form

Before using your personal vehicle to transport students to and from school-related activities, you must receive prior approval from school administration and fill out this form. It may be filled out online or on paper (see page 42 of the Family Handbook).