Student Support Services

Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish provides a comprehensive program with a continuum of services for our students with disabilities. All of our services are developed to facilitate each student in reaching his or her potential.

Special Education

About the Special Education Program

The following underlying assumptions guide the organization and provision of special education services in our school:

  1. Special Education is a service that should be delivered to students in the least restrictive environment possible to meet their academic and social needs.
  2. Students with disabilities should have exposure to the rich curricular, instructional, and social opportunities that their non-disable peers receive.
  3. Students with disabilities should be held to high expectations and rigorous academic pursuits.
  4. Families are essential partners in making educational decisions for students.
  5. Accountability and evidence of progress is an essential component of our special education services.

Students receive a full range of appropriate special education and related services, in the general education setting and/or in pull out small groups or individual instruction. A small number of students are educated in specialized programs in the school. The goal of Athlos is to be able to provide a rich system of inclusive education.


English Language Learners (ELL)

About the ELL Program

The English Learner (ELL) program at Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish supports multilingual learners in acquiring the English they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Athlos Academy provides its English language learners (ELL) with quality instruction, inclusive practices, differentiated instruction, and access to appropriate grade level content.

An ELL is defined as a learner who:

  • First learned a language other than English, comes from a home where a language other than English is usually spoken or does not use English as a primary language;
  • Lacks the necessary English skills to fully participate in classes taught in English.

Students are measured by a home language survey (HLS). The HLS must be given to every student entering the district for the first time, whether in kindergarten or a later grade regardless of perceived native language.

English learners come from many different backgrounds. English learners may include:

  • Students who are born in the US and speak a language in addition to English at home
  • Students who are born in the US and speak a language or languages other than English at home
  • Immigrant students who’ve had formal schooling in another language
  • Immigrant students who’ve had interrupted or limited formal education
  • Refugee students who’ve learned a language other than or in addition to English


State Resources:

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Title I

About the Title I Program

The Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish Title I program provides supplemental educational resources to ensure that all children have a fair, equitable, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education.


Title IX

About Title IX

Title IX is a federal civil rights law passed as part of the Education Amendments of 1972.  This law protects people from discrimination based on sex, including sexual harassment and sexual assault, in education programs or activities that receive Federal financial assistance.

Title IX states that:
“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” 

Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish is committed to maintaining a learning and working environment free from all forms of sex discrimination, including sexual harassment.

Title IX Coordinator:
Students, parents, employees, or applicants who wish to file a Title IX complaint should contact the Title IX Coordinator for Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish:

Dr. Jordan Sanchez, School Leader- Upper School


Cheryl Martin, School Leader- Lower School