Triton Club Sports

After School Sports

The sports seasons at Athlos Jefferson Parish may look a little different than traditional programs. Athlos Academy offers an athletic experience where all are welcome to participate, and the goal remains to develop active, fit, and efficient movers.

  • The beginning weeks of each season will be dedicated to skill development where the goal of our coaches is to first develop a base layer of skill for every participant before transitioning into small-sided competition.
  • Coaches will assemble teams based on skill level so that every student’s experience is created with their personal development in mind.
  • Each sports season will last approximately nine weeks depending on the school calendar.


Thank you for considering your scholar for inclusion in the 2022-2023 AAJP Triton Sports programs. We are very excited to offer parents and students an expanded slate of sports offerings and experiences throughout the school year.

Since 2018, parents have been the driving force behind athletic programs at Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish. We appreciate our parents to a degree beyond what can be expressed in words and know that nothing happens without your support. Parents rearrange their schedules, budgets, and jobs and commit many other sacrifices to ensure our students have an opportunity to play in sports. Please understand that your parental labor does not go unnoticed, and we are proud to be partners with you in your student’s journey in sport.

There is no us without you!