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Featured News

Student Spotlight – Josue

Josue D, Grade 3. Josue loves learning in school and we are very proud to have him as a member of the Athlos family.

News and Announcements

Student Spotlight – Anaya

Anaya S, Grade 2. Anaya loves being around other children at Athlos and she loves learning about science.

School Phone Issue

If you use Verizon, there seems to be an issue with Verizon phones and you may not be able to connect with the school when you call the front office

Larry Bridges Honored with Distinguished Educator Award

In June, two educators from Athlos schools in Utah and Louisiana were chosen as recipients of the Athlos Distinguished Educator Award.

First Day of School Signs 2022-2023

Share your student’s excitement for the first day of school! 1) Download and print a provided sign for your student’s grade. 2) Snap a photo of your student. 3) Share on Facebook or Instagram using #AthlosFirstDay.

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