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Ms. Rebecca Milliman


About Ms. Milliman

Rebecca Milliman graduated from the University of New Orleans with a degree in elementary education and a concentration in mild to moderate special education for grades one through twelve.

After college Ms. Milliman began teaching special education, continuing over the next twenty-six years in grades two through twelve within the Greater New Orleans area. They’re currently continuing their education as they study for their master’s degree.

Milliman believes, “My top goal as an educator is to form a trusting , respectful relationship with each of my students , without this learning won’t occur.”

Ms. Milliman feels that the best characteristic a teacher can have is empathy. “I believe if a teacher can empathize with a student, what they bring from home, the baggage they carry, and how they feel as a student, she/he can form an everlasting relationship with their students,” Milliman shared.

At Athlos they look forward to working with our team. “There is a family environment among the staff and the students . Having this makes teaching more enjoyable.” they said. When asked about the Athlos model, “I was drawn to the Athlos Model because it included the health of the body. Many children move very little because of technology, and I appreciated that the Athlos Model accounted for not only academics , but also the healthy body,” Milliman adds.

Favorite Performance Character Trait: Social Intelligence

The Performance Character trait that most resonates with Ms. Milliman is social intelligence. “I believe if we treat all others with respect, it builds confidence, creating the stepping stones for teamwork and healthy relationships.”

Fun Facts about Ms. Milliman

• Ms. Milliman is a mother of three sons and one daughter.
• They’re a huge Saints fan.
• They’ve lived in the New Orleans area her entire life.
• Their favorite place to relax is the beach.
• They love to travel.
• They have 4 dogs including one that she rescued on Athlos’ campus.

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