Athlos Student, Staff, and Family Role Statements

As we enter the new year, we have been working through new ways to best support our students. That means thinking in terms of academics, culture, programming, and each of our unique roles in setting our students up for success. As part of this effort, we have developed new role statements that outline how our school supports our students in pursuit of a high-quality education that will prepare them for the future, and our expectations of parents and educators in supporting student success.

Over the next month, you will see an introduction to three acronyms: SERVE, STAND, and LEAD.

SERVE represents our dedication, as a school community, in preparing students with a high-quality education. The letters of the acronym represent a focus on Science, Engineering, Recreation, Volunteerism, and Entrepreneurship.

The mission of the Athlos SERVE program is to prepare students for success in a competitive future by focusing on the 21st Century skills essential for future career and life success, as well as continuing a focus on a whole-child approach to development. For each letter of the acronym SERVE, Athlos will provide supporting core and extra-curricular offerings to build fluency, skills, and knowledge in each area.

STAND represents the role of the family as a partner in education. The letters in STAND represent each family’s commitment to being Supportive, Teacher Partners, Active, Navigators, and Dedicated.

Just as Athlos holds students and staff to high standards, we also see the essential role of the child’s family in their success in school. To exemplify this, we have developed the STAND language. The Athlos family stands beside, stands up for, stands with, and stands in support of their Athlos scholar.

LEAD represents the role of the educator in our students’ success. The letters in LEAD represent staff who are lifelong learners, believe every student matters, are driven by actions and outcomes, and makes decisions based on data.

Athlos educators are held to a high standard and expected to serve as leaders to students, peers, and in their profession. To exemplify the role of the Athlos educator, we have developed the acronym LEAD.

We will be introducing each of these statements/acronyms in more depth in the coming weeks through emails, our website, social media platforms, and materials sent home. We will be incorporating these ideas into the overarching message of what it means to be an Athlos student, family member, staff member, and community member.

We hope you will embrace these ideas as new ways to think about supporting our students in their educational journey.

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