Director’s Message

Message from Director

 Dear Triton Family, 

 I am so excited to welcome you back for the new school year. This time of the year reminds me of some of my favorite children’s books.  For instance, learning the names of our new students brings to mind Chrysanthemum and The Name Jar. I also think of the Kissing Hand because some Kinder babies may be leaving home for the first time.  

It also reminds me of preparing my home for family gatherings.  The entire team has been working hard to qualify to receive our scholars. The facilities are prepped, and the teachers are receiving training. The Leadership Team has been working on ensuring we are embracing our three pillars and implementing state and school initiatives.  We have also reviewed your comments from the Spring Parent Satisfaction Survey and are working hard to improve stakeholder experiences.  Some of the changes you can look forward to including improved teacher/parent communication systems, improved Driveline systems, continued partnership with Cariina (our transportation app), and stakeholder input into lunch and breakfast menus.  We will share more information on school and state initiatives next week at orientation nights.  

At Athlos Academy and school communities, we want to set the foundation for the year in the first few weeks.  We want our students to feel welcomed and accepted.  We also want them to develop high expectations for themselves, their teachers, and their classmates. We will take the first few weeks to build classroom communities and our school community.  We look forward to partnering with you as we strive to Set the Standard for Others to Follow.   

Your partner in education, 

Mrs. Martin 

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