Staff Highlight: Devain Cotton

Devain Cotton Staff Highlight

Devain Cotton said that her favorite part of teaching first grade is seeing the joy her students experience while growing and learning.

“My favorite part is hearing the children laugh,” she said. “Watching the children learn and seeing them smile because they are actually having fun learning.”

Students at Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish integrate 12 Performance Character traits like Grit and Optimism into their daily lessons so they can be ready to take on future challenges. Cotton said the Performance Character traits are one of her favorite parts of the Athlos model.

“The Performance Character traits teach students to always show things like Integrity and Creativity, which they can apply in school and to their everyday life as they grow and progress,” she said. Students at Athlos build their minds and characters, but also don’t neglect to develop their bodies as well. Student participate in daily movement breaks in the classroom and spend 4 days a week in athletic movement lessons on our basketball court and indoor turf.

“Not only does the school focus on education, but it also focuses on having a healthy body, giving the children a chance to move around while still learning to have fun,” Cotton said.
Why should parents send their kids to Athlos? Cotton said Athlos students are simply better prepared to be moral and engaged citizens.

“We prepare students to be informed, courageous and compassionate people who shape a fair and equal world,” she said.

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