Student Spotlight – Emma

Image of student Emma M Grade 3

Emma M, Grade 3

Emma loves learning new things, especially in science class. She loves seeing her friends and is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone. She loves her teachers and always assists them whenever they need anything.

Outside of school, Emma likes watching Youtube Kids on her tablet, she also enjoys playing at the park, and dressing up in fancy outfits while her mom does her makeup. Her favorite Performance Character Traits are grit, leadership, initiative, creativity, integrity, humility, and curiosity.

Emma has learned many new things in class and she enjoys doing projects and experiments which follow the Prepared Mind pillar. Although athletic movement can be challenging, Emma loves it.

Not only has her balance improved but also her throwing skills and she also loves all of her coaches, this supports the Healthy Body Pillar. Keep being excellent Emma!

(Fun Fact: Emma is the most caring person. She would do anything to help someone in need. She truly wants everyone to be happy and stay healthy. She also gives the best hugs and cuddles).

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Thank you for participating, and a special thanks to Emma  and her family.

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