We’ve Partnered with SchoolStore.com for a Fundraiser!

In partnership with SchoolStore.com we will be hosting a fundraiser to raise funds for essential tools that our students and teachers need to succeed. 📢
This program is 100% online and there is no selling or handling of money or products. Participating in this fundraiser takes no more than 12 minutes and there is a nice prize program available to make this a fun experience.
Here’s how to participate:
  1. Go to schoolstore.net and sign up using our school ID: 371134
  2. Send form emails inviting family, friends, and co-workers to support your student
  3. Return the envelope with the student prize code for your child to get their fun participation prize
Here are three ways your family, friends, and co-workers can help our school:
  1. Make a 100% tax deductible donation to your child’s classroom with the purchase of a CaringForClassrooms.org gift card for your child’s teacher to use for classroom supplies and equipment.
  2. Shop online at The Family Book Store for wrapping paper, magazines, popcorn, cookbooks, and more. We earn up to 50% of their purchase.
  3. Shop online with over 400 major merchants like Walmart, Kohl’s, Best But, Disney, and more. We earn a small percentage of their purchase.
Gift card purchases are a great gift for teachers whether it’s Christmas, Teacher Appreciation, their Birthday, or any other special occasion in their life! 🎉

Click the links below to see more information and prizes:

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