Sophia Oliver

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    August 2, 2021

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Ms. Sophia Oliver


About Ms. Oliver

Sophia Oliver earned a General Studies degree from Southern University at New Orleans with a minor in education and a concentration in social sciences. After earning a certification in early childhood development, she worked as a lead pre-kindergarten teacher for eight years before starting her own home daycare. Ms. Oliver worked with dedication and passion for over twenty-two years as a Louisiana certified childcare provider, serving countless children ages newborn to five-year-olds.

In her daycare, Ms. Oliver implemented daily school-readiness practices and activities to help prepare children for their transition into the classroom setting.

Ms. Oliver feels that her best quality as a teacher is her patience and ability to connect with children. When asked her top goal she said, “My top goal as an educator is to help my students to develop the cognitive, language, physical and social skills required to succeed beyond their kinder year. To achieve this goal, I will create a cooperative play environment where students learn not only from me as their teacher, but from each other. With this goal, my students can acquire the self-confidence needed for continued learning in years to come.”

At Athlos she looks forward to continuing growth as an educator. She maintains the idea that teachers are also students in thei classroom because they too are always learning. Her students, peers, and admin are their teachers.

Favorite Performance Character Trait: Grit & Energy/Zest

Ms. Oliver says two Performance Character traits are most reflective of her. The first is Grit, as she is dedicated and refuses to accept failure. She says that no obstacles can prevent her from achieving a goal once she sets her mind to it.

The second is Energy/Zest. Ms. Oliver says she has a naturally upbeat, friendly personality and tries to pass that positive energy along to others by sharing encouragement, kindness, free smiles, and laughter.

Fun Facts about Ms. Oliver

  • Ms. Oliver is a great cook.
  • She can make the best praline candy in the microwave in ten minutes
  • She loves horror movies.
  • She’s a prankster
  • She still pops popcorn on the stove
  • She is a great interior wall painter

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