COVID-19 Update


In instances of close contact for COVID-19, parents and guardians will be notified by email and text.  A close contact is anyone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes. An infected person can spread COVID-19 starting from 48 hours (or 2 days) before the person had any symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19.


  • The CDC is recommending that instead of quarantining if you were exposed to COVID-19, you wear a high-quality mask for 10 days and get tested on day 5.
  • You should isolate from others when you have COVID-19. You should also isolate if you are sick and suspect that you have COVID-19 but do not yet have test results.
  • If your results are positive, follow CDC’s full isolation recommendations.
  • If your results are negative, you can end your isolation.
  • After you have ended isolation, if your COVID-19 symptoms worsen, restart your isolation at day 0. Talk to a healthcare provider if you have questions about your symptoms or when to end isolation.



Students who test positive must provide documentation to have absences excused. Parents may contact the teacher regarding assignments. All assignments must be returned when the student returns to school.


Students who are exposed and do not report to school will receive an unexcused absence.


Updated Guidelines for Exposure/Close Contact with COVID-19


LDH Ready to Achieve! 2022-2023 School Operational Guidelines


If you have questions, please contact our school nurse, Nurse Wells, at (504) 290-2510 or the Department of Health by dialing (225) 342-9500.


 Steps we are taking to keep children and adults safe include:

  • While inside the school facility, all unvaccinated adults and students should wear a face covering.
  • While outdoors, all fully vaccinated and unvaccinated adults and students do not need to wear a face covering if they adhere to physical distancing requirements.
  • Social distancing to the greatest extent possible, particularly at entry and exit points.
  • We encourage families and employees to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Rooms are cleaned daily, and teachers are provided with cleaning supplies.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided and handwashing is encouraged.
  • School nurse on-site provides health care for students.
  • Water fountains will remain closed. Students and staff are encouraged to bring clear water bottles from home.


We appreciate your support as we work to keep our school safe and provide students with the best possible education.


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