M & M Music Honor Society

M&M Music Honor Society

Musicians and Mentors

M&M Music Honor Society is based on the concept of Tri-M, the Music Honor Society for high school and middle school honor society. It will follow the design, which recognizes students on the elementary level for their academic and musical achievements.


It will reward them for their accomplishments, service activities and inspire other students to excel at music and leadership. This is how we arrive at our name, Musicians and Mentors.


This charter group is run like a club by students but supervised by an advisor and a certified music educator.


The initial chapter founders evolved from students who were members of the Dwight D. Eisenhower elementary/middle school, which is part of the Algiers Charter Schools Association on the West Bank in New Orleans, La.


Their music teacher, Edwin F. Harrison Jr., decided that the music programs post-Katrina were weakening the studies in the Arts in school settings placing too much focus on primarily Marching Band and not the development of musicians and the joy of music appreciation.


Our plan will initiate the finest technical and academic musicians at the elementary level. The entrance requirements will be rigorous and adhere to the national standards in music education.


In 2023 we will initiate the first official members of Musicians and Mentors at Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish and present them with certificates, membership cards, and T-shirts.


We are working to promote the values of service to individuals, the music community and their school. They will adopt and mentor beginner instrumental or vocal music students with their studies, i.e., performance, theory, harmony, composition score reading and sight-reading, and music appreciation.


M&M’s will organize community concerts at nursing homes, civic organizations, and community events. They will also provide individual and group lessons.


M&M’s goal is to become a program of (MENC to promote further) Music Educators National Conference to further promote the ideals of service to music programs and the community.


Edwin F. Harrison Jr

Instrumental Music Teacher

Certified Music Educator


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