Staff Highlight: Bianca Floyd

Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish Third Grade Teacher Bianca Floyd has a unique perspective of our education model since her child is a student at the school.

“As a parent of an Athlos scholar,” she said. “I appreciate the parent-teacher relationship.”

Floyd said her child’s teachers are “sure to maintain open communication” and that any concerns she has are “always addressed in a positive and reasonable manner.”

When is comes to teaching her own students, Floyd said she enjoys watching her students begin to explore their own independence.

“They are very inquisitive and eager to learn more,” she said. “They are also wonderful storytellers and they keep me highly entertained.”

The Athlos model isn’t just about academics, Floyd said. She said Athlos focuses on building and supporting the whole child.

“With performance characters like creativity, focus/self control, and social intelligence, students are learning how to express themselves through art and athletics, and becoming aware of their feelings as well of the feelings of others,” she said. “Athlos isn’t just about academics, it is about teaching them to be leaders and critical thinkers.”

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