Staff Highlight: Jennifer Tran

Jennifer Tran Highlight

For Jennifer Tran, teaching first grade at Athlos Academy is all about the thrill that comes with the learning process.

“I love how the students get excited when they learn something new,” she said. “I love their curiosity to discover new information.”

Students at Athlos Academy don’t just learn facts in the classroom. They focus on developing physical and social skills that will help them grow up to develop successful careers and interpersonal relationships.

Tran said she like the Athlos educational model because it teaches students key concepts that can be applied at any stage of life. Each day, Athlos students focus on being mindful of their environment and behavior.

“My favorite part about the Athlos model is the REPS,” Tran said. “It is easy to remember and a great reminder for students to be respectful, excellent, prepared, and safe.”

Starting a brand-new school and addressing all the challenges that come with that effort can be challenging at times, Tran said, but she believes that Athlos students have more resources to excel at whatever they end up doing.

“This school has the potential for your child to shine overall because Athlos students grow academically, physically, and morally,” she said.

Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish is now accepting K-8 enrollment applications for the 2020-2021 school year. Athlos is a tuition-free, public charter school serving residents of Terrytown and Jefferson Parish. Come see how our three-pillared approach can help your child develop their mind, body, and character!

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