Student Spotlight – Anaya

graphic of student Anaya grade 2

Anaya S, Grade 3

Anaya loves being around other children at Athlos and she loves learning about science. She enjoys being able to move and see different faces. She really enjoys the PBIS activities and other activities. Outside of school she’s involved in ballet and karate.

She helps her mother with her younger baby brother Jaxson. Anaya also loves to sing and dance on a regular basis. Her favorite Performance Character Traits are Leadership, Energy/Zest, Curiosity, Humility,and many more.  Anaya has improved her reading comprehension and became a better reader overall.

She’s also able to put more focus on what task she has following the Prepared Mind pillar. Anaya is extremely athletic and has improved her skills for activities outside of the classroom such as exercising at the park by following the Healthy Body pillar. Keep being amazing Anaya!

(Fun Fact: Anaya has a cute fluffy bunny named Josephine)

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Help us celebrate the reason we are all at Athlos – our Amazing Athlos students! Thank you for participating, and a special thanks to Anaya and her family.


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