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    September 9, 2019

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Ms. Consuella Eugene

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About Ms. Eugene

Consuella Eugene earned her bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from National University in San Diego, California and graduated with a master’s degree in educational technology from the University of Northern Iowa. She also attended University of Holy Cross in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she received her elementary teacher certification. With more than 12 years of teaching experience in the educational field, she has worked as a substitute and a full-time teacher in both private and public schools.

She feels her best quality as an educator is integrity. “As a teacher, I believe in being on time, being prepared for student learning, and being respectful of others,” she said. “Integrity in education impacts students, because it is the most authentic part of myself that I can share with my students and their parents. Integrity is an important principle in leadership, it is the core quality of character. As a teacher, I have the opportunity to model and showcase this Performance Character trait to students.”

Favorite Performance Character Trait: Humility

“I chose this word, because in my personal and professional lives I always follow the golden rule. The golden rule simply states, ‘do to others as you would have them do to you’.”

Fun Facts about Ms. Eugene

Q: What are three things about you most people don’t know?

  • I am the mother of three children.
  • I enjoy camping and traveling.
  • I believe in learning from others, and I became an educator to change and inspire the lives of others.

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